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Business Processing Outsourcing

- Providing The Best BPO Options -

Our BPO program is highly flexible, optimizing the client’s financial performance and customer service quality.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Sophisticated Dialer SystemCampaigns
  • Customer Service Surveys
  • Automated Messaging
  • Portfolio Management
AMERICAN Teleservices Division

- Superior Bottom Line Results -

AMERICAN Collection Systems, Inc. has established a presence as a powerful partnership resource producing excellent revenue results. At AMERICAN we offer a “fully committed” and dedicated alliance specifically focused on achieving your bottom line objectives.

AMERICAN’s Teleservices Division delivers breakthrough performance by employing “best-in-class” call center processes, people, and work practices for exceptional EBO and BPO partnership services.

Extended Business Office 
- Providing The Best EBO Options -

Our EBO program is a cost-effective outsourcing option offering companies the ability to expand their business with Superior Customer Service and/or Accounts Receivable Management without the need to hire and train additional personnel.

  • Inbound/Outbound Call Center
  • Customer Service
  • Collections
  • Fully Outsourced Management Options
    • Monthly Statement Billing Services
    • Complete Receivables Posting Services
  • Full Service Recovery Programs
AMERICAN Service Specialties

- Our Clients Receive the Very Best in Services -

AMERICAN provides industry recognized experts who develop and customize a unique strategy for each client. These seasoned professionals combined with highly skilled collection teams, facilities, and technology make AMERICAN Collection Systems, Inc. the most powerful partnership resource available. Our exceptional services include:

  • Total Accounts Receivable Management
  • Customized Collection Strategies
  • State-of-the-Art Skip Tracing
  • Customized Reports
  • Complete On-site Legal Department Available Daily 
  • Daily Automatic Interest Update Available
  • Sophisticated Dialer System
  • Letter Series Programs
  • Dunning Notices
Collection Process

- Bottom Line Results -

When partnering with AMERICAN, a dedicated Account Executive specializing in Teleservices will be assigned to work with your company. In addition, our Operations Team will use their expertise to determine and implement the most aggressive strategy to achieve your bottom line objectives:

  • Research, Outline, and Develop our Client Specific Collection Strategy
  • Assign a Day-to-Day Client Services Representative
  • Select Qualified Collection Team Members
  • Coordinate Specialized Training
  • Implement the Collection Strategy
  • Monitor/Analyze/Refine Strategy as Needed
  • Continuous Management of the Debt Recovery
On-Site Legal Department

- Legal Actions Take Place Daily -

AMERICAN Collection Systems, Inc. provides our clients with a complete Legal Department resource. Our fully trained legal staff is on-site each business day to provide immediate legal services and solutions:

  • Process Law Suits In/Out-of-State
  • Complaints
  • Judgments
  • Garnishments - Wage and Bank Attachments
  • Clients can Request Accounts/Debtors be Sued and/or Complaints Filed
AMERICAN Technology
AMERICAN has implemented the very latest in web-based technology providing our customers with the best technical services and security. Our customers have the confidence and added assurance of increasing their bottom line with the most efficient hi-tech services available in the industry today.

Easy On-line Payments

Our top-notch website allows your customers the ability to quickly submit an electronic payment from their home or office computer, greatly reducing customer service overhead expenses.

On-line Payments in Minutes

  • Personal Information is Quickly Entered on the Easy-to-Use AMERICAN Payment Form
  • Credit Card or Electronic Checks are Accepted
  • Payments are Processed and Recorded Directly to your customer's Account
  • Rejected Transactions are Addressed Immediately
HIPAA, FERPA, and GLB Compliant

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